Many of our teachers have worked together for years – even decades – and their close bonds reinforce our commitment to modeling community engagement and collaboration for our children.


The Clayton Early Childhood Center faculty boasts an average of more than 15 years experience in the field of early childhood education. All of our teachers have completed college level coursework, and the majority hold associates, bachelors, or masters degrees. 

All teachers at CECC attend at least 12 hours of continuing education seminars and classes per year, supported by the school, and all are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Board of Directors

The Clayton Early Childhood Center Board of Directors oversees the implementation of the mission of our school. Board members participate in the life of the school at all levels, but the Board is primarily focused on long-term vision and strategy for the school. 

The Board may consist of as many as 11 members, up to seven of whom may be parents of children enrolled at CECC. Board members are limited to two, three-year terms, and are never paid for their service.

At all times, we seek to maintain a Board comprised of members with a range of expertise and experience, and a dedication to the mission of the school. All parents of children at CECC are eligible for nomination to the Board.

Parents' Organization

The Clayton Early Childhood Center Parents’ Organization is integral to the mission of our school. 

The organization serves as a bridge between teachers and parents, and aims to represent the interests of both, all in service of providing the best possible care and education for our children, and ensuring that our school will continue to grow to meet families’ needs.

The Parents’ Organization supports professional development for teachers and organizes teacher appreciation events – one of its most vital roles. It also offers parenting seminars and weekend celebrations for school families, and influences menu planning, fundraising, and curriculum development.

As a CECC parent, you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Organization. That means we welcome your ideas and suggestions, and encourage you to take part in the life of our school. 

That said, we know parents are some of the busiest people around. If you would rather participate only occasionally, or not at all, in the Parents’ Organization, that’s entirely up to you.