Clayton Early Childhood Center's preschool program maintains the homelike atmosphere established in our infant/toddler classrooms. 

Teachers use the research-based Creative Curriculum to design child-centered lesson plans, and to document and support each student's development and learning. These materials stay with each student throughout his or her time at CECC, and aid in the transition to Kindergarten. 

Because we offer full day programs, children receive top-notch preparation for Kindergarten with greater continuity of care – no before or after school programs necessary.

Our preschool teachers model consistency, planning, repetition, and routine in their classrooms, at the same time encouraging student creativity, exploration, and discovery. 

Age appropriate daily lessons plans include reading and literacy, art, music, math, motor and sensory activities. Outdoor play is planned twice daily and the park and outdoor classroom are used to support learning in science, math and other curricular areas.

Teachers regularly assess and report to parents about their children’s progress and development, both informally and in scheduled conferences. 

As in our infant/toddler classrooms, CECC teachers aim to support the families they serve through consistent and open communication.